Download Scoring System

Scoring system for NEPG awards (modified from WAPJA exhibition system)

Most (or all) judging criteria are expertly handled.
A very strong image displaying a high level of excellence in art photography. Technical standard is very high.

Some elements are very good and the technical standard is high.
A strong image with good evidence for classification as art photography. Successful visual communication has been achieved.

Sound image with at least one strong element.
Approaches art photography – message present but not strong. Any flaws are minor or compensated for by other successful elements. Evidence of intent to combine skill and artistry.

Note: the presence of flaws or distractions will devalue any image, even those with a strong message.

WAPJA judging criteria and elements:

Message (Visual communication):
Evokes feelings, emotions, mood. Conveys a statement or story. Transmits an idea or thought.

Lighting, framing, composition, background, focus, juxtaposition of tone and/or colours.
Exploitation of perspective, intimation of movement, critical timing.
Time of day. Size, shape, form and proportion. Use of texture or pattern.

Medium (technical skill or craft):
Appropriate exposure/density of output.
Contrast – tones clipping? Colour cast? Image sharpness.
Evidence of retouching. Quality of post-production.
Appropriate choice of colour rendition (mono, split-tone, saturation, vibrance, chroma).
Presentation – choice of paper, matting, mounting.