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Visitors Policy for NEPG

Third Draft – March 2015

Visitors are provided with a guest pass which allows them to attend up to three sessions as our guest at no cost to the visitor.

Visitors may participate in these sessions in the same way our members do with the following exceptions:

1. Visitors may not enter any competitions and are not eligible for any awards.

2. Visitors may not cast a members choice vote.

3. If members are being charged an additional fee for a session (beyond the annual membership fee and door charge) committee will set a visitors rate for that session which will be higher than the member fee.

4. Visitors may not attend the Quiz Night and end of year Christmas Party and awards night – or any other nominated member only events.

5. Visitors may not attend club camps or weekends away.

6. If a visitor arrives for a fourth session without applying for membership they will be asked to pay the door fee and reminded that there are only three guest passes and we will make a special exemption this time and allow entry – but that next time they will be denied entry.

7. Persistent attempts to attend as a visitor beyond the guest period to be reported to the president and brought to the attention of the committee for consideration.

Please Note: Visitors as defined as guests who are attending meetings with a view to considering applying for membership. Spouses and family members of current financial NEPG members may at times be invited to join in an NEPG activity or event as our guest – however they are not considered visitors and not constrained to three guests passes. Fees for spouses and family members will always be provided prior to the event.